Get to Know Me, Get to Know My Work

There are 3 pillars that support our capacity for wholeness.

Connection. Time and time again, research has shown that our relationships are the most powerful element for success. How do you know if you are making a good connection with someone? For me, the goal is for those I work with to leave our interactions feeling seen and heard in the entirety of their humanness (good vibes, bad vibes, and everything in between).

Authenticity. As a psychologist, leader, and fellow human I strive to show up authentically in order to best support others in stepping into their most authentic self. Authenticity allows for safety, which in turn allows for others to open themselves up to deeper exploration, and ultimately a fuller understanding of their experiences; past & present.

Language. Language is the vessel that brings all of our internal workings to life. The words we use to speak to ourselves and others can either help or hinder us. In my work with you, we'll collaborate to increase awareness of the language given to you that may be having an impact. Then, with gentle guidance, we'll uncover the language that encourages your authentic voice, and translates smoothly into your daily life.